We grow businesses by creating experiences people love

This future is now.

Imagine a future where you can seamlessly integrate the virtual world with reality.  Show clients your latest products augmented with stunning visuals.  Turn your nightclub into a wild mix of live and interactive virtual experience. At POPvr, that future is now.  We create amazing virtual experiences that connect to your world.


Whether it’s a showroom, trade show, or marketing campaign, we’ll make your brand and products shine through.


With decades in all aspects of experiential creation, we’ll work closely with you to design the right custom solution for your needs.


Make your company stand out, with exciting immersive experiences that draw a crowd.

Located in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Want to make something you love? Come join us in the matrix.

Our Story

At POPvr, our goal is to use virtual technology to bring people together. And while COVID has accelerated innovation in remote meetings and interaction, we’re ultimately social creatures - hanging out in our basements alone virtually “Ready Player One” style isn’t anyone’s idea of an engaging, meaningful interaction.Human connection is forged through personal contact. We build solutions that enable businesses to reach their clients remotely today, but which also become incredible live personal interactions tomorrow. Whether at conferences, concerts, or museums, we meld the virtual with the real world to make your ordinary event an extraordinary experience.

John Kozura

Founder & CEO

Cameron King

Director of Sales & Marketing

Our clients

We work closely with our clients to build experience solutions that solve their unique challenges.